They call me Shnay.482104_10200434448658063_223389230_n

You may also have heard me called by the name Shannon Grossman.

Either works.

As I explore the life of the young adult while earning my English degree at Westfield State University, I take advantage of the opportunities presented before me to travel and to discover. It all began with a service-learning trip to Nicaragua that created a new perspective in the way I think. I learned to be grateful for the privileged things I do have because there are so many people out there with much less, yet they still can find happiness. That quality of life was something I found myself envying in the people and children in Nicaragua as we helped build a daycare area and taught a couple of classes to fourth graders.

My next adventure brought me trekking through the Himalayas in Nepal. Those long days of endless beautiful sights taught me even more about myself than I thought possible. But the learning didn’t end with me. I learned the perspective of others, their thoughts, their beliefs, their unique and interesting lives as we explored the mountains and the beauty within.

Those escapades are only just the beginning of my fruitful life. The desire to learn has yet to be quenched of its thirst. And now, I am in the beginnings of preparing for a semester long trip to Denmark, an experience that will reveal even more truths about not only myself, but the world around us. In this blog, I plan on reflecting on my self-discoveries and the lessons that traveling taught me and will continue to teach me for my travels will never end.


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